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Protecting and preserving the environment

We pay particular attention to protecting and preserving the environment by:

• compliance with environmental legislation and, where possible, achieving benchmark performance in the field of construction ceramics.
• minimize overall environmental impact of our products through efficient use of energy, natural gas and raw materials in all our activities.
• permanent monitoring of all processes and applying best methods of use with our facilities and equipments.
• reduce, separate collection, recovery or reuse of recyclable paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal waste.
• honest and transparent communication and collaboration with employees, partners, customers, suppliers, public institutions and the local community in terms of environmental protection.
• development among our employees through continuous training, a culture to protect and respect the environment in which they operate, our motto is “Build to live in harmony with nature!”

Within the company, we have implemented a quality management system according to SR EN 9001:2008, through which we have developed procedures that aim to make staff aware of the importance of compliance with environmental requirements imposed by the integrated environmental authorization.

Activity monitoring

Environmental factors quality, air / water / soil, is controlled by the determinations made by specialized laboratories accredited according to EN 17025/2005, determinations made under regulations imposed by regulatory requirements.

We monitor:

• air quality by determining emissions in the atmosphere from stationary sources
• quality of sewage water from inside the company, direct draining under the Water Management Authorization, according to frequencies as specified in the Integrated Environmental Authorization

The activity of S.C. SICERAM S.A. is regularly monitored by specialized inspections of representatives of ARPM Sibiu, APM Mures, National Environmental Guard – County Commissioner Targu Mures, Mures Water Directorate. Following the inspections are made notes of finding and inspection reports.

In order to manage in good condition and in accordance with the law, the company has signed service contracts with companies operating in the collection, recycling and waste recovery.