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About us

With has existed for over 100 years in the production of bricks and ceramic tiles. Over time, the company expanded its product offerings, customers can now choose from urmatroarele range: TERMOBLOC ® – ceramic masonry systems of different sizes, both for exterior walls and interior wall TERRA ROSA ® – roof ceramic Terra Rust – builders range apparent, floors, roof textbooks and other materials for finishing chimney.

In 2005 it completed construction of the current factory production of bricks, with an investment of 11 million Euro. Tools were brought from Italy, from leading manufacturers in the field. New lines of production capacity is 800 tons per day. In 2008 it completed an investment in a new factory for production of tiles, which at the date commissioning, was one of the most modern in Europe.

As with brick production plant, equipment brought from Italy, the investment is EUR 16 million, production capacity reaching 1.4 million pieces per month. Ceramic tiles, because the shapes and weights, provide thermal insulation, noise and high stability of the roof tiles made of other materials. With the commissioning of new production lines to produce, for the first time in Romania, large ceramic tiles, with UIN required 10 pcs. / Sqm, with an optimal quality-price ratio, increased productivity at assembly, low of wood and a great aesthetic, aspect due to forms of plaster used in production.

Clay used in the manufacturing process is a very special, providing after firing a nice color without addition of other colors, and high resistance to frost, which resulted in providing a guarantee of 40 years, guarantee superior to other similar products.