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Required for 1 square meter of roof: 34 buc.
Longitudinal straightness: max.0,9%
Flatness factor: max.0,8%
Tightness factor: ICX < / = 0,4
Bearing Capacity: min. 700 N
Frost Resistance: min.300 cycles
Weight: 1,620 kg
Distance between slats: max.16 cm
Slat length:  18,4 cm step
Bracket mode of the strips: 2 ciocuri si 2 gauri de cui
Slope: 24 degrees min.

Warranty: 40 years

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Note: All datas are orientative. Because of the burning process, slight differences may occur regarding dimensions and weights. The real values can be found on the declaration of conformity attached to each delivery. All of the coverings that SICERAM produces correspond to SREN 1304/2006.