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Cărămidă plină

Element from burnt clay for masonry, HD type, class I
Resistant to compression: minim 15N/mm2
Tolerance interval: T1+
Dimensional stability: NPD
Content of active solvable salts: 0
Reaction to fire: Class A1; 0,35
Water absorption: 16-18%
Water vapors diffusion coefficient, (µ): 5/10
Apparent density, (kg/m3): >1000 D2
Thermal equivalent conductivity, W/mK: 0,55
Durability against frost-defrost: 25 cycles
Weight: 3 kg
Required for 1 meter of masonry: 476 pcs.
Required for 1 square meter of masonry (24cm thickness): 114 pcs.
Certified product System 2+