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We have over 100 years experience in production of bricks and ceramic tiles, and now offer systems builders of different sizes ceramics, ceramic coatings, apparent range of masonry, flooring, roofing manuals and other materials for finishing and chimneys.

In 2005 we have built the bricks production factory, investing over 11 millions Euro at the time. The tehnology was achieved from our suppliers in Italy. Here we produce daily 800 tones of the well known brand of ceramic bricks, TERMOBLOC.

In 2008 we have finished building the ceramic rooftile production factory. This factory also was equioped with 16 million Euro italian tehnology. Now we can provide bigger tiles, with a necessary of 10 pcs/sqm, beeing the first romanian producers of that dimenssions. Ceramic tiles made by Siceram, because of the shapes and weights, provide thermal insulation, noise and high stability of the roof tiles made of other materials. The clay used in the manufacturing process is a very special, providing after firing a nice color without addition of other colors, and high resistance to frost, providing a superior warranty, 40 years.